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Cure For Overheating DVD Or Blu Ray Player

Have you ever had a DVD player overheat and die on you?

Yes? Read on.

Well, that may never happen again, as most faults in DVD players occur as a result of overheating. By the way, Blu Ray players are not excluded from this problem. The DVD freezes, and whatever you do, the damn thing will not play. This is a typical fault that i’m sure everyone knows of, whether it’s happened to you, your family or to a friend. It’s a sad fact that manufacturers of these devices do not care if your DVD player breaks down, just as long as it’s outside the warranty period. Isn’t it strange how they always manage to last long enough to satisfy this?

So, after spending your hard earned cash on a brand new DVD player, wouldn’t it be nice to feel secure in the knowledge that it may last a while? All too often these days, we just expect gadgets to have a very limited life. I know it’s not just the working life of the device that’s limited, all too often it’s the technological life, I mean the fact that it’s just going to get out dated – which is a guaranteed fact, and an expected fate for your poor device.

Adding X-AIR spacers to your set up will provide additional air space, so that your device can actually keep cool. This simple but effective solution has been tested using thermal imaging to prove that X-AIR Spacers will enable your devices to work at lower temperatures.